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To maximize your investment you need to not just attract tenants, but tenants who are assets, not liabilities.

Ashley Wilson


Ashley Wilson, is the Founder and CEO of Bar Down Investments, LLC, Co-Founder of Apartment Addicts & Co-Founder of HouseItLook, LLC, Best Selling Author of The Only Woman in the Room, Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, and has hosted several BiggerPockets multifamily series. She started investing in real estate in 2009 and has been involved in over $120 million in transactions and managed over $10 million in construction, within both single and multifamily, across over 1,500 units. In addition to operating her own investments, Ashley provides consulting and mentorship to other operators and investors.  Ashley graduated on the Dean's List from Colgate University and then received a Masters in Leadership Development from Penn State University, where she was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.  Ashley is a certified Six Sigma Lean Professional (SSLP), a certified NAA Independent Rental Owner Professional (IROP), a 2019 Apartment Owner of the Year nominee, a 2022 ConnectCRE Women in Real Estate Award Recipient and a 2022 American Apartment Owners Association Best of Multifamily Investing Membership Program Award Recipient. Today Ashley serves on the Penn State Real Estate Board and the Co-Chair of her alma mater, Colgate University. Outside of real estate she enjoys spending time with her family and competing her horses in the hunter-jumpers.


Matt Faircloth,
Co-Founder of The DeRosa Group
Matt Headshot July 2018 - Matt Faircloth

Ashley Wilson is about as unique of an investor as you can find.  Her generational experience in construction and renovation of spaces combined with a deep financial knowledge and background creates a perfect mix of know-how.  She knows the equation and costing to turn units, manage vendors, motivate property managers, and keep deals on budget.  Along with that her ability to motivate her team into action and her followthrough to see projects to their completion is unprecedented.  She has been invaluable as a member of my network and team!

DeDee Stump,
Managing Member, Step Above Properties, LLC

Ashley has an extensive history with many aspects of the real estate world from development, cost containment, construction management and asset management to list a few. I know her best from the asset management experience. She blends all of her talents in the management of a property which has faced challenges with meeting its performance goals. She has been creative in finding contractors when finding workers to complete the property renovations. She was able to do this below budget and ahead of schedule. She has uncovered every possible way to optimize the property performance and has far exceed the additional income projections. As an asset manager, she is always informed and engaged with the property management company. Her and the property management company are not merely focused on collecting rents, they focus on creating a community, where residents will want to live and call home. The investors are lucky to have her leading the performance of the property.

Jeff Greenberg,
CEO, Synergetic Investment Group
Jeff Greenberg.jpg

I have had the pleasure to have known Ashley Wilson for a little over a year. During that time I had the opportunity to work side by side with her both as a partner and her as an asset manager on a large MF project. I have found her dedication, attention to detail, communication and troubleshooting skills to be exceptional.  She does what she says she will do and does it well. She relentlessly oversees the budget and keeps the project on track.  She is a team player with great leadership skills, and an asset to any commercial real estate team.

Courtney Vitek, cam
CL_056 (1)Courtney headshot.jpg

So many times as a third party operator I have seen owners make truly large scale mistakes from a lack of knowledge and understanding that is backing the construction aspect of their syndication. Leaving them frustrated and discouraged as they navigate blindly through renovations and often falling off track of their budgetary commitments to investors. Ashley has been a true joy to work with, and its remarkably refreshing to have someone affiliated with a syndication that truly understand the risk weighing measures that must transpire when owning and operating a multifamily community.

Brian febbo,
VP, fsi construction
brian febbo.jpeg

I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley Wilson on various projects; and no matter the size, I can say, "She Gets It." Whether it's a Budgeted Small Cap-ex project, or Emergency Response and Building Restoration, her background in construction bolsters her ability to assist with permits, building codes and general construction. Also, Ashley's reasonable timelines and communication at pertinent and key points in the construction process makes her an easy recommendation for any firm that is unfamiliar with trudging through the waters of "Build Back," or those that just need some general guidance on Cap-ex projects.

Krishan Singh,
ceo, grow rich capital
kay kay.jpg

I came in contact with Ashley Wilson by co-partnering in a property in Amarillo, TX. Since then I have been so impressed by her work and honesty that I do not like to miss any of our weekly calls. She is very clear and honest in presenting the situations good or bad stories. She has a good hand on the asset management. I have never seen any asset manager doing asset and construction management from far away and knowing the tiny details of the property and have a very close relationship with the team on site.  Whenever I reach out to her for any advice on multifamily, I always get an honest advice. I think I am very fortunate that I know her. I look forward doing more deals and learning from her.

Dawn Waye, cpm
president, city gate property group
Dawn Waye.jpg

Ashley Wilson is not only a great partner to have on our team in regard to project oversight, but a necessity.  The value brought to the investment is not only factored by dollars saved or avoided, the value that cannot be measured is the peace of mind knowing the work being completed is necessary and priced adequately.  Having knowledge and background of the key areas pertaining to construction is exceptionally valuable to an Asset Manage, Syndicators, and Management companies who are tasked with preserving the asset and monitoring cash flow. 

Raj Tekchandani,
Founder & Managing Partner, Smart Capital

Ashley is absolutely amazing. She is incredibly talented and outright smart. Her work ethic is an inspiration and her ability to deal with tough situations is way above par. She is great mentor, coach and friend. I’m delighted to have her as a business partner on a deal.  I’ve seen her work up close and I have yet to see a more well rounded real estate professional. When it comes to Asset and Construction Management, there’s just only l person I know that I could bet blindly on, and that person is Ashley Wilson.


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